About Us

Laura Skilton | Baby Paddlers Founder


I am Laura and as a mother and experienced swim instructor I am passionate about the benefits of swimming for parents and children.

I truly believe in the benefits of introducing children to water from an early age.  I started Baby Paddlers in 2012 to bring a fun, individual approach for parents and their children.  I believe that every child is different, they learn at different paces and no two children are the same. I have three children Harry, Sophie and Ava and have been through all different experiences in the water with them! My son was not a huge fan of the water and I understand what it’s like to feel unsure about how to support him and make it a fun activity.

I feel it’s so important that our instructors treat every child as an individual, helping them grow and build their confidence in the water at a pace that’s right for them.  This is at the heart of everything we do.

I feel really proud as I watch children grow in confidence, skill and ability. I often get feedback that our teachers are supporting children so well in this way, it’s exciting that we can truly say that we teach children to have fun in the water. I am also proud of the community and friendships that have developed between parents that attend our classes.

Baby Paddlers continues to grow from strength to strength and as we introduce more classes at more locations, I look forward to welcoming you to our swimming family.