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We have a variety of swimming classes in Surrey and North Hampshire, our STA qualified swimming teachers run lessons in Odiham, near Hook, Odiham, Fleet, Basingstoke and also swimming lessons in Cranleigh, Surrey nearby to Guildford, Horsham, Godalming and Haslemere. We teach babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers (aged 0 – 4) across all of these swimming pools. All of our Baby Paddlers have lots of fun, learn important water safety skills whilst following our structured and progressive milestones programme.

cranleigh ryddenwood private pool snapshot

Ryddenwood Pool

Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8JX

Beautiful 32C private pool close to Guildford

Private Swimming Pool at Bagshot, Surrey

Downwind, Bagshot

Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5HU

Lovely graduated depth pool heated to 32C

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At Baby Paddlers, we get how quickly your child grows which is why our North Hampshire & Surrey baby swimming lessons are separated into four Milestones, customised to your child’s stage of development. We encourage you to bring your babies from birth, however, we welcome all ages and abilities and welcome you to join at any time (midterm is no problem!). We are passionated about partnering with parents on improving your child’s water confidence so if in doubt give us a call and we can talk through everything we do.

Underwater swimming is only a small part of what we do, our main aim is to develop water confidence using toys, songs and lots of fun. Word association and recognition is a big part of what we do, encouraging children to kick, paddle, swim, jump, hold on – all so important in the early years. Our North Hampshire and Surrey baby swimming lessons have a maximum of 8 and our preschool classes a maximum of 4-6, this ensures that your child is in a fun group environment but has the opportunity for one on one time with the teacher. Our baby swimming lessons in Bagshot and Odiham near Hook are particularly good, as these pools are warm pools, so no wetsuits are required.

cute baby swimming

For our infant swimming lessons, we are teaching both parent and child to be water confident. We do this by teaching you a number of activities using toys and songs, with fun being at the centre of what we do. Through our use of repeat commands your baby will quickly build an understanding and confidence in the water. By 18 months many of the babies we have taught are comfortable to swim under the water, as well as act out commands such as holding on to the side of the pool and jumping in with support by their own choice. All of our swimming pools are really well suited for children’s swimming lessons in Surrey and North Hampshire, they have great pool depth and warm temperatures, which makes them ideal.

Toddlers start to become more independent in their outlook, so our objectives change in line with your childs needs,  we aim teach the movements needed for swimming. This includes teaching safe entry into the water, arms paddling and leg kicking. At this age, it’s really important to continue swimming on a regular basis and take your child swimming for some family fun as often as you can. We make these classes as fun as we can, lots of jumping off floats and chasing balls around the pool, we understand that they need to associate swimming with fun and you will both learn lots about safety exercises along the way.

From 3 years onwards, we will start to get parents out of the water, this is often a gradual process and we work with parents on the best time to do this. What we are working towards at this age is swimming independently and understanding how they can be safe in the water. Water confidence is of course still important and for some that may be starting their swimming journey, this is especially important so we play games and ensure they still associate swimming with fun.

Check out one of our pools above for fantastic fun, progressive swimming lessons for babies in Surrey and North Hampshire.

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