Our Approach


At Baby Paddlers we understand how quickly your baby develops which is why our baby swimming classes are tailored to their developmental stage.  We encourage babies to attend from birth, however we welcome all abilities and welcome you to join at any time. We love to work with parents on improving your child’s water confidence so if in doubt give us a call and we can talk through everything we do.


Our main aim is to develop water confidence using toys, songs and lots of fun. Word association and recognition is a big part of what we do, encouraging children to kick, paddle, swim, jump, hold on – all so important in the early years.


Our baby and toddler swimming classes have a maximum of 8 and our preschool classes a maximum of 6, this ensures that your child is in a fun group environment but has the opportunity for one on one time with the teacher.

Milestones Programme


Our unique Baby Paddlers Milestone programme is at the heart of everything we do. As your child grows, develops and reaches each Milestone, they will earn awards which you can capture in their personal record book. Every child is issued with a book during their first term with Baby Paddlers.


The Milestones programme is designed help you understand the stages and learning milestones that your child will progress through as part of the Baby Paddlers journey.


Every stage has been created to ensure focus on a number of key development areas, from physical and sensory development to swimming milestones that they will reach during these early years. No two children are the same so the programme is designed to offer flexibility in teaching so our teachers can tailor their classes to meet the needs of the children. There are four stages and each stage has 3 levels.

Milestones Stages

Splashers Milestone Baby Paddlers
Paddlers Milestone Baby Paddlers
Kickers Milestone Baby Paddlers
Swimmers Milestone Baby Paddlers

See below a summary of how each child will progress through the Milestones Stages.



your swimming journey with Baby Paddlers and earn awards and badges along the way.


Display these, proudly, as your child goes from taking baby steps to swimming confidently on their own.

Completed Milestones Splashers 1 Award

0-12 Months
The start of your swimming journey with your child is all about you and the support you give them to develop over their first year.


In the water, babies can do so much more than they can do on land! Our Splashers milestones are all about learning to hold your baby, having fun with them while enjoying your special bond in a calm and supportive environment.

Completed Milestones Paddlers 1 Award

12-24 Months
Never is it more important to carry on or start your child’s journey in the water than now!


Paddlers are becoming walking and talking toddlers. They know their own minds and they are not afraid to show us their frustration! This is an amazing time for the children to have lots of fun in the water and to try new things.
Some of our favourite things they will learn are monkeying around the pool, jumping off the big floats and safely holding onto the bar.

Completed Milestones Kickers 1 Award

2-3 Years
Our Kickers programme works with parents to build their child’s confidence and independence in the water an important stage before they learn to swim on their own.


Kickers includes lots of fun activities, games and songs which they will now merrily sing along to! Our super toddlers LOVE the big float, jumping, trying
out swimming by themselves, seahorse races on a woggle and learning how to pick up sinkies!

Completed Milestones Swimmers 2 Award

3-4 Years
Our Swimmers have come so far and things start to change as they enter the water by themselves for the first time! These milestones are all about learning how to
be safe and independent in the water.


Our teachers have the time and patience to take things slowly and support this transition while mum and dad can proudly move to the side to watch their little one’s transformation!

Milestones Completed Baby Paddlers Journey


you are now a Baby Paddlers Swimmer!